Duck Pond is Coming

Duck Pond is a fun and relaxing pond building game for duck lovers. Sign up now for updates and an exclusive offer.

Build your pond and whoever attracts 10 ducks first wins!

This cute game is fun everyone ages 10+ and only takes 45 mins - 1hr to play! Signing up now ensures you will know when the Kickstarter campaign launches.

Four Actions, Endless Possibilities

On your turn you can: claim a pond tile, claim a duck, move a duck, or remove a predator/pest.

Event and Bonus Cards Ensure Lots of Replay

Card variety means new and surprising twists, from weather to stray cats to children bringing ducks snacks! First day backers on Kickstarter will get exclusive Event and Bonus Cards to further enhance their gameplay.

Ducks Fly--And So Does Time! Reserve your place in line now and join us on this exciting journey.

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